The Island


Spetses is the most beautiful island in Argosaronic gulf. Spetses is rich in culture, cosmopolitan and vibrant with interesting sights and crystal clear waters or seas.

Life is simply beautiful in Spetses. You can relax at the marvelous beaches or picturesque town and furthermore you can eat delicious foods and enjoy the nightlife.


Spetses is one of the most historical Islands in Greece. You should visit the two Museums of Spetses and the beautiful church of Saint Nicolas. You can take a ride near the sea and enjoy the outstanding view of the old mansions the old harbor and the lighthouse.


Food & Entertainment

The island has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs for every taste.


Sights & Museums

The Spetses Museum and the Bouboulina Museum. The historical monastery of Ag. Nicholas and the Folklore Museum “Spetses House”. The old mansion houses that you can admire by strolling along the coastal road to the port of Spetses (port of Dodecanese). The shipyards (this term is meant mainly small ship building units and shipyards in which small vessels are usually taken up by fishing boats and dinghies for cleaning, anti-fading and guarding).


Useful Information

Clinic: 22980 72472

Police: 22980 73100 & 22980 73744

Port authority: 22980 72245

Municipality of Spetses: 22983 20010

Horse carriage: 22980 73171

ΤΑΧΙ: 22980 73171

SΕΑ ΤΑΧΙ: 69 78 916 600


Beaches with crystal clear waters

Paradise Beach

It is an organized beach with a water sports center, restaurants, recliners, and umbrellas. Accessible by bus, buggy, scooter, bicycle, or on foot.

Kaiki Beach

Popular organized beach with water sports, bar and restaurant. Easy access by any means (bus, carriage, motorbike, bicycle or on foot).


Quiet and pine-tree covered organized beach with turquoise water and golden sand. It has only one restaurant. Access is possible only by ferry or boat and by land with a motorbike or bicycle.

Aghioi Anargyroi

Organized beach. It features water sports and a restaurant. Access is possible by sea Taxi or by boat, motorbike or bicycle.

Other Beaches

Other beaches which are not organized:

Agios Mamas, Kounoupitsa (Ms. Leni), Kouzounos, Garyfallos and other smaller ones.

You can also visit the beautiful beaches located opposite Spetses (Kostoula, Chinitsa) by sea TAXI.


Quiet and pine-covered beach, not organized. It was the favorite beach of Odysseas Elytis. Access is easy by waterfront, bus, motorbike, or bicycle.


A beautifully landscaped beachfront beach, popular with young people, it is ideal for fun. Access is easy by waterfront, bus, motorbike, or bicycle.

Aghia Paraskeui

Quiet and pine-covered beach with blue-green waters. Access is possible with a sea Taxi or a boat and from land by motorbike or bicycle.


Quiet and pine-covered beach. It is organized and has a canteen. Access is easy by sea Taxi, bus, motorbike or bicycle.



Things to do:

kompogiorgas shipyard

 Have fun , explore , and learn with a traditional sail tour !

Join us for a tour of the most hidden and inaccessible beaches of Spetses.

Zoe, the first Greek electric sailboat, can take you safely, and comfortably, with the uniqueness of a quiet and environmentally friendly exciting route!

  • Swim in the turquoise waters ..!
  • Learn useful nautical knots !
  • Get into the first steps of seamanship while discovering techniques and information about our ancient ship-building tradition!
        • Towels,
        • Water
        • Fruit and refreshments!
        • leave everything else to us!

    We will pick for you the safest and the most beautiful route, some masks, and sup paddles!

    We might see dolphins or seals as well!

Spetses Ekaiki kompogiorgas

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Morning, Evening, and Sunset Routes!

ΖΩΗ ekaiki launched in August 2021.

On the same day, it passed all the tests during a sail around the island of Spetses with some special guests!

Life Cycle

Explore Spetses along with Life Cycle!

Life Cycle is run by a young entrepreneur, Christopher Kontaratos.

As a nature enthusiast and an amateur ecologist, I offer expert advice on how to properly explore the island and fully understand the delicate ecosystems that surround us.

Discover the unseen beauties of an untouched traditional Mediterranean island by Hiking, Cycling, or Driving around it.

Greg’s Spetses Horses

Do something different in Spetses with Greg’s Spetses Horses

Try something different when you visit Spetses! Take a horse ride on the mountain to explore the island countryside and enjoy the sea view from above. There are six different routes to choose from.

For those who love horseback riding, we offer lessons in an outdoor arena overlooking the sea and our neighboring island, Spetsopoulo. There are private lessons and groups if you want to come with friends.

In addition to horseback riding, we organize picnics and parties for your company. You can also rent our horses for photos for any occasion.

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